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Effective treatment for unwanted leg veins

You do not have to live with unsightly leg veins that prevent you from baring your legs in shorts or a summer dress. Here at Bodyvie, we use a process called microsclerotherapy, which is a minimally invasive method to help rid the body of these unwanted leg veins.

Leg veins, also known as spider veins or telangiectasia, occur in both men and women. Microsclerotherapy uses a sclerosing solution that forces the blood out of the unwanted vein and irritates the lining of the vessel. This causes it to swell and stick together, and over the course of six to twelve weeks, the vein then gradually shrivels and disappears as it is absorbed by your body’s natural defence system. This treatment can be used on veins on the legs and anywhere on the body beneath the heart.

Your Bodyvie microsclerotherapy treatment begins with an in-depth consultation to help us understand your requirements and the underlying cause of the vein. Your Bodyvie doctor will then use a fine needle to inject a sclerosing solution directly into the problem vein. The procedure itself usually takes around half an hour. To ensure that there are no complications, you must not shave or moisturise your legs prior to your microsclerotherapy treatment.

After treatment, you will need to wear compression stockings for three days, but you can resume your everyday activities immediately afterwards. You may experience some mild bruising, which should subside within a couple of weeks of your treatment. You should avoid aerobic activities for 24 hours after the procedure. Each treatment may vary from one person to another.

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Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

30 - 60 mins

Recovery Time

1 - 6 weeks


Topical cream

Back to work

Same day

Duration of results

Permanent reduction

No. of treatments

1 - 3


Helps remove unsightly veins from the legs.

The procedure is minimally invasive and works by injecting the problematic area with sclerosing solution.

Microsclerotherapy uses tiny needles, so it is virtually painless, and will not be any worse than mild discomfort. You may find that you experience a stinging or itching sensation around the injection sites after your treatment, and larger veins may ache. These symptoms will not last long and you can use antihistamines if the itching gets too much.

This treatment usually only requires one session, but sometimes multiple sessions two months apart may be required to achieve complete vein removal.

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