COVID-19 Antigen Test

Private Coronavirus Lateral Flow Instant Test

COVID-19 Antigen Test
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Covid-19 is a new illness that affects & attacks the respiratory system. Typical symptoms include a new dry & persistent cough, loss of taste and smell and fever, though many people present with no symptoms at all. Human trials and research continue in an endeavour to find a vaccine for the disease.

What is an antigen?

An antigen is a substance that triggers your immune system into creating antibodies against it. Antigens can come in the form of chemicals, bacteria and indeed viruses, such as COVID. The purpose of an antigen test is to search for the nucleocapsid protein – this is the protein that is most prevalent in coronavirus.

At Bodyvie we offer COVID Rapid Antigen Testing

Antigen Rapid Result Nasal/Throat Swab Cassette (Results in 15 minutes) – £95

The nasal/throat swab is administered in-house and results are immediate. Bodyvie offers this testing for screening and to confirm the ‘negative’ virus status of patients. Please note that we are not testing any symptomatic patients.

SureScreen’s antibody test can detect antibodies as early as 3 days after symptoms develop and reach their peak sensitivity after 14 days post symptoms.

The SureScreen COVID Antigen Test is for professional use only and not for self-testing.

If you display symptoms you should follow NHS Guidelines and isolate. Bodyvie will be able to offer an Antibody test to detect if you had Covid-19 when you are deemed “safe” to leave isolation.

Benefits of Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Result Test
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Facilitates regular testing
  • Offers peace of mind in confirming the negative status
  • CE Certified

COVID-19 Tests Compared

COVID-19 Antigen Test
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