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Ear Wax Removal
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It can be easy to consider something like the presence of ear wax in your ears a relatively trivial issue. Earwax typically falls out on its own. However, when enough ear wax builds up to block your ear canals, it can affect day-to-day life and activities.

Ear Wax is your body’s way of lubricating your ear canal and protecting it from harmful debris and bacteria. Symptoms of ear wax build-up can include hearing loss, vertigo (feeling sick and dizzy), ringing or buzzing in your ears (tinnitus) and earache.

Earwax build-up can happen if you have narrow or damaged ear canals, excessive hair in your hair canals, a skin condition affecting your scalp or around your ear or the inflammation of your ear canal (Otitis Externa or ‘Swimmer’s Ear’).

Ear syringing is a technique of removing earwax, which involves pushing warm water through the ear canal to remove wax build-up painlessly. A stream of warm water flows into the ear from a syringe/pump, and then a syringe gently and quickly draws out the water and softened wax.

Ear syringing is not recommended for removing hardened ear wax. As such, we ask that patients apply warm ear wax softening oil for 1 – 7 days before their appointment. We suggest Otex Olive Oil Ear Drops or other brands your pharmacy provides. Should you not soften the wax beforehand, you may find the wax is too hard to be removed with a syringe.

Ear syringing is a simple and painless procedure; it also has the added benefits of a short procedure time and very little waiting time. All ear syringing is done by a doctor on-site, with instant results.

For any patients with a doctor’s appointment, our team will instruct you to apply warm ear wax softening oil 24 hours before your appointment.

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