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A revolutionary plasma treatment to banish excess skin

Sagging skin is something that affects us all as we get older, and it can have a major impact on our self-esteem. This is especially true of areas of skin that are permanently on show, such as the skin around our eyes and eyelids, which can make us look tired and haggard when it begins to droop. But thanks to new technological advances, surgery is no longer necessary for getting rid of excess wrinkled skin on and around your eyelids, and you can now look forward to a dramatic improvement and a younger appearance without the risk and pain of surgery.


Plexr is a revolutionary new non-surgical treatment for baggy eyelids and a range of other skin imperfections. In place of traditional (and risky) surgical techniques, Plexr is a wireless device that ionises the gasses in the air to create plasma, which is precisely administered to the superficial skin cells on the eyelids without damaging the surrounding skin. What’s more, there will be no damage to underlying layers of skin or to the muscles around your eyelids.


After your initial Bodyvie consultation, your treatment will take around half an hour. You will usually be able to return to work the same day, and downtime is minimal. Plexr results in the formation of tiny pinprick scabs on your eyelids, which will fall off between two to three weeks after your treatment. Plexr treatment can also leave behind some soreness and swelling, but these will quickly subside.


Is Plexr suitable for my skin?

Plexr is a safe treatment that is suitable for all skin types.


Does it hurt?

Anaesthetic cream is applied before the procedure to keep discomfort to a minimum.





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