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Cellulite Treatment

For a smoother body contour

Cellulite is a lumpy dimpling of the skin caused by pockets of fat being stored beneath your skin. It affects as many as 90% of post-adolescent women, but very few men. Often described as looking like orange peel or cottage cheese, it frequently results in a diminished sense of body confidence and can be extremely difficult to get rid of, even with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Cellulite develops in the subcutaneous fat layers beneath the upper layers of skin. This fatty layer is uniquely structured into chambers by strands of linked tissue around it. This structure means that fat is easily stored, and water can be retained all around it. Fat cells therefore grow larger, deforming the skin envelope to produce the characteristic orange peel appearance.

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not linked to obesity, as it can form even in lean women. The most common areas of the body for it to develop are the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite treatment at Bodyvie is a gentle procedure that uses a special electrically charged micro-current therapy massager, which targets the precise areas of the body that you would like to improve. It stimulates the area of cellulite and helps to break down fatty deposits stored in the subcutaneous fat layer. This process is also designed to kick-start the blood flow and circulation to the area, improving metabolism and encouraging the body to dispose of the fat naturally.

Prior to your treatment, you will have an in-depth consultation with your Bodyvie aesthetician, during which you will be able to discuss your requirements and we will produce a tailored treatment plan to help you achieve optimum results. Each treatment may vary from one person to another.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, cellulite removal is a relaxing treatment that combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with micro-current therapy. The treatment typically lasts around 45 minutes.

We usually recommend an initial course of ten sessions at two-week intervals to achieve maximum benefit from this treatment.


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