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Chalazion Treatment

Chalazion or Meibomian cyst is a lump which develops in the eyelid due to a blocked Meibomian gland. The Meibomian glands (also called Tarsal glands) are sebaceous glands located at the back surface of the eyelid responsible for the supply of meibum, an oily fluid that prevents evaporation of the tear film. As with other glands, Meibomian glands have a small duct which can become blocked, the accumulation of meibum unable to drain away causes the gland to get bigger creating a cyst.

At Bodyvie, we will start with booking you a consultation with Dr Weber who will perform the Chalazion Removal to check this is the correct treatment for you. During the procedure, the doctor will inject the area with local anaesthetic so you will not experience any pain. The cyst is removed by making a small incision either through the back or the front of the eyelid, stitches are only required if the incision is through the front of the eyelid. After the operation you will be required to come back for a review of your treatment, in this appointment any stitches will be removed; this review is included in the price of the treatment.


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