4D Pregnancy Scans

High-definition bonding scan (20-35 weeks)

4D Pregnancy Scans
  • See detailed images of your baby
  • Safe & non-invasive
  • Includes wellbeing scan
Pricing From £180
Consultation duration 20 minutes
Professional Sonographer
Next Steps Book ultrasound
Results Same day report
An incredible bonding experience, our 4D high definition pregnancy scans allow you to see your baby's face and limbs as it moves in life-like 3D motion.

pregnant couple with husbunds hands around wife's stomach, holding 4d pregnancy scan

Expectant parents often choose to have a 4D, high-definition scan to see their baby’s face and limbs in 3D and see what they look like. Alternatively, some expectant parents invite relatives or friends to attend the scan to ‘meet’ the baby.

With the added benefit of real-time, such as a film or video, parents can see their baby moving, perhaps sucking their thumb or fingers or kicking. This can then be saved onto a USB stick for you to take home.

4D pregnancy scans tend to be for sentimental reasons rather than medical ones. However, our 4D scans also include a well-being check to verify foetal growth and estimated foetal weight.

Our clinic is a calm, relaxing space to enjoy bonding time with your baby and partner.

It may take a while to see your baby’s face clearly, due to the baby moving around and each baby behaving differently or lying in a different position. Should your baby not be in a favourable position, your sonographer may ask you to take a short walk to encourage your baby to move. While it is highly uncommon, should we not get a clear vision of your baby during the appointment, you will be invited back at a later date, free of charge.


  • medical report
  • 4 printed images
  • fetal measurements
  • fetal well-being
  • liquor assessment
  • placental site
  • presentation
  • fetal blood flow; umbilical artery & uterine arteries
  • dating/EDD
  • gender information
  • 4D view – specifically designed to look at your baby in 4D mode

4D scans allow you to have a clear image of your baby as they are. You can often record them yawning or stretching and moving naturally. It is a beautiful and magical experience for all expectant parents. As will all of our scans, you will be provided with a complete medical report to take to your obstetrician or midwife and printed images of your baby.

  • 4D Pregnancy Scan (20-35 weeks): Scan Cost: Singleton £180 Multiple £N/A

If you wish to book a 4D pregnancy scan, please call us today or contact us via our contact form.

4D Pregnancy Ultrasound

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