Anomaly Scan

Detailed anatomy scan (18-24 Weeks)

Anomaly Scan
  • Check for structural abnormalities
  • Receive reassurance
  • Instant results
Pricing From £250
Consultation duration 30 minutes
Professional Sonographer
Next Steps Book ultrasound
Results Same day report
This mid-pregnancy 20 week anomaly scan (often referred to as a detailed anatomy scan) provides a detailed ultrasound of your baby. It evaluates the position of your placenta, amniotic fluid and evaluates foetal growth against the expected gestational age of your baby.

sonographer performing baby scan for anomaly, father holding soon to be mum's hands

Whilst a 20-week scan is offered to every expectant mother by the NHS, parents often request private anomaly scans to obtain a second opinion or for peace of mind when seeking an earlier appointment.

The anomaly scan aims to determine the presence of rare conditions, and whilst most babies are healthy, some will occasionally experience problems. The anomaly scan is a detailed scan that checks your baby’s physical development by looking at anatomical structures such as the head, face and lips, chest, heart, stomach, kidneys, spine and limbs.

Over half of all congenital severe malformations, such as spina bifida and cardiac and neural tube defects, can be detected by the 20-week stage. Detecting these early allows parents to understand their choices and plan treatment at birth.

Our specialist and highly trained sonographers will assess your baby’s growth and development to ensure the pregnancy is progressing as expected. These measurements include the baby’s head and brain anatomy, the abdominal circumference and femur length. These measurements are plotted onto charts, provided in a detailed ultrasound report you will receive at the end of your appointment. We always recommend that you provide this to your obstetrician or midwife for continuity of care.

Your sonographer will cover your scan results and check the placenta, amniotic fluid and umbilical cord. If you don’t already know the gender, you can also find out the sex of your baby from the Anomaly Scan – just let your sonographer know!

  • medical report
  • 4 printed images
  • fetal measurements
  • fetal well-being
  • liquor assessment
  • placental site
  • presentation
  • dating/EDD
  • gender information
  • 4D view option –  gives you an optional glimpse of your baby in 4D scan mode (dependent on the baby being in a good 4D position)

Generally speaking, if the anatomy scan doesn’t detect any abnormalities, then there is only a small chance that your baby will have a structural problem. However, the screening is not exhaustive to all conditions, and some problems may not be visibly clear and detected or might not yet have developed and be present at 20 weeks.

We understand how nerve-wracking scans can be for parents, particularly when anomalies are detected and our sonographers have to share bad news. Our sonographers are here to ensure your well-being and will always counsel patients on results and liaise with their NHS medical team. We will provide a full report with findings to the patient and their obstetrician or midwife team.

Anomaly Scan:

  • Anomaly Scan (18-24 weeks): Cost Singleton £250 Multiple £N/A
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