Dating Scan

Pregnancy Ultrasound (11-14 Weeks)

Dating Scan
  • Determination of foetal gestation
  • Dating of pregnancy
  • Single or multiple pregnancy confirmation
Pricing From £95
Consultation duration 20 minutes
Professional Sonographer
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Results Same day report
A private ultrasound dating scan is sometimes referred to as a 12 week scan or booking scan. In many cases this will require transvaginal/internal scanning.

Ultrasound scanner about to touch a lady's belly just below belly button about to do a dating scan.

By measuring the gestation sac or the embryo/baby, a private ultrasound dating scan aims to accurately determine how long you have been pregnant and provide you with an estimated due date for your baby.

Your sonographer will also be able to check for major rare foetal abnormalities, as well as determine whether you are pregnant with a singleton or multiple babies (i.e. twins or triplets). In the case of multiple pregnancy, we will further determine the chronicity of the pregnancies – this is the number of placentas.

Your sonographer will advise you of the most suitable scan on the day to ensure the best visibility. For a transvaginal (internal) ultrasound, you will be asked to empty your bladder. However, if a transabdominal scan is administered, you will be asked to drink 0.5 litres of water ahead of the scan to fill your bladder.

We always provide patients with a full report, which we recommend you provide to your NHS obstetrician or midwife for continuity of care.

Dating Scan (11-14 weeks): Many expectant parents aren’t sure of the date of conception; thus, the due date is hard to measure. A reassurance scan will date your baby’s growth by measuring them and therefore determine a due date when your baby should arrive, as well as assessing potential problems. This allows you to plan ahead for his or her arrival. Furthermore, by accurately dating your pregnancy, you can ensure that you don’t miss the option for early screening opportunities that are only available in early pregnancy.

Scan Cost: Singleton £95 Multiple £N/A

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