Early Pregnancy Scan

Viability Scan (6-11 Weeks)

Early Pregnancy Scan
  • Confirm pregnancy
  • Heartbeat visualisation
  • Gestation measurement
Pricing From £95
Consultation duration 20 minutes
Professional Sonographer
Next Steps Book ultrasound
Results Same day report
An early pregnancy scan is often referred to as viability scans or first scan. These scans reassure expectant parents at the very early stage of their pregnancy. Pregnancy can be seen from as early as six weeks; at which time we should be able to detect a heartbeat.

expecting mother holding baby scan in left hand & right hand on the tummy

It is pretty common for women to be unsure of their dates or have irregular cycles. If this is the case, it’s recommended that you have an early pregnancy scan no earlier than two weeks after your first positive pregnancy test. It is often better to wait as long as possible for an early pregnancy scan, giving your sonographer more information to work with and see.

Early pregnancy scans are becoming more common as expectant parents look to confirm pregnancy as well as viability.

Early pregnancy scans may be recommended by your healthcare professional to assess the following:

  • If the pregnancy sac lies within the uterus and therefore rules out an ectopic pregnancy
  • That there is a heartbeat present and confirms viability
  • Whether it is a multiple pregnancy or single
  • Any bleeding, spotting, or unexpected pain
  • Calculate the gestation of your pregnancy (number of weeks pregnant you are) and, therefore, your due date.

Ultrasound scans are a safe procedure and do not cause discomfort. A gel will be administered to your abdomen, and then the probe will be pressed against your stomach to capture images. A full bladder leads to clearer images, so we ask that patients drink 0.5 litres of water prior to their scan. Depending on the gestational age, a transvaginal (internal) scan may be required – this often occurs if there is a miscalculation about the date of conception.

Your sonographer will explain the findings during your scan and be happy to answer any questions.

After your scan, we will provide you with a complete medical report and printed scan images.

Early Pregnancy Viability Scan:

  • Early Pregnancy Viability Scan (6-11 weeks): Scan Cost: £95

If you wish to book your early pregnancy scan, please get in touch with us today via phone or our contact form.

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