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Early Reassurance Scans

Early Pregnancy Scans (6-17 Weeks)

Early Reassurance Scans
  • Immediate peace of mind
  • Available from 6 weeks without waiting
  • No referral required
Pricing From £80
Consultation duration 20 mins
Professional Sonographer
Next Steps Consultation
Results Immediate
If you are pregnant and have booked a reassurance scan, you may wonder what this entails. A reassurance scan is a safe, pain-free ultrasound scan. A reassurance scan aims to check on the progression of your pregnancy and identify your unborn baby's general health, growth, and wellbeing.

This scan can also provide you with reassurance that your baby is developing as expected and we are also able to screen for conditions such as pre-eclampsia, cervical length, positioning of the placenta and vasa previa.

A reassurance scan can be invaluable to expectant parents and allows you to fully understand how your baby is doing, as well as offering instant peace of mind if you are worried.

During a reassurance scan, your sonographer may check the positioning of your baby, trace and listen to their heartbeat and assess your pelvic area. Early reassurance scans are also highly beneficial to confirm whether it is a single pregnancy or if you are carrying multiple babies, as the scan can detect their separate amniotic sacs and heartbeats.

There is no need for a referral and we will provide you with a report, which can be passed to your NHS doctor or midwife for continuity of care.

Why should I have a reassurance scan?

For many couples, waiting to see their baby for the first time can feel agonising long. Early pregnancy scans provide a solution to this and allow parents to overcome worry or anxiety.

Often, expectant parents just want a reassurance scan to see their baby in 2D and to hear their heartbeat, which can be a magical and bonding experience.

What happens during a reassurance scan?

It is essential to bear in mind that a reassurance scan is not a suitable substitute for a 20-week anomaly scan. Instead, your early pregnancy reassurance scan will complement the results of your NHS scan, giving you further information, more frequent updates and reassurance about your baby’s health and growth.

If you are attending your reassurance scan to get a second opinion, please ensure you provide us with the relevant ultrasound report ahead of your appointment.

During your reassurance scan, your sonographer will talk you through the process and explain the images you see on the screen. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your sonographer any questions that you may have concerning your baby or pregnancy.

As with all of our pregnancy ultrasound scans, we will provide you with a complete medical report that you can take back to your obstetrician or midwife and images of your scan, which you can take home.

Reassurance Scans:

  • Early Reassurance Scans (6-10 weeks): For expectant parents waiting to see their baby for the first time can be difficult and anxiety inducing; particularly for those who have experienced previous issues, or endured a long journey to conceive. An early reassurance scan will provide instant peace of mind, rule out miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy as well as address any concerns or symptoms such as nausea, cramping, pain or possible bleeding. Scan Cost: Singleton £80 Multiple £100
  • Anytime Early Reassurance Scan (6-17 weeks): A quick 10 minute appointment for repeat ultrasounds – for already confirmed viable pregnancies. Either as a bonding experience for parent(s) and baby, or simply for reassurance throughout early pregnancy, this scan will confirm that your baby is doing well. Scan Cost: Singleton £80 Multiple £100
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