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Soft Tissue Lumps & Bumps Scan
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Pricing From £145
Consultation duration 30 minutes
Professional Sonographer
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Results Same day report
It is always important to keep checking your body for changes. Should you find a lump or bump in your soft tissue that you need investigating, our ultrasound service will be able to carry out a soft tissue lump and bump detection for you.

cyst removal on a persons back

Identifying a new lump or bump on your body can be quite alarming, however, it’s important that you acknowledge it and book yourself in for a scan. With an ultrasound scan, we can look at the area using high-frequency sound waves, making any unusual areas easily identifiable.

Lumps and bumps don’t always turn out to be alarming, they can often be as simple as a ganglion, cyst, lipoma, fluid, abscess, a soft tissue mass, swelling, lymph gland, inflammation or infection or lump trauma. There is no reason for concern until the scan has been performed. The purpose of this ultrasound scan is to assess and examine the soft tissues at an area of concern where you feel an unusual lump.

Our lumps and bumps ultrasound scans are able to examine almost all parts of your body. We focus on identifying the cause of the lump or bump in your soft tissue (the skin and muscle). If you have swelling, pain, soft tissue lumps, or you are just worried about a specific area, an ultrasound is often the first point of diagnosis.

Your sonographer will examine you and provide a detailed report with imagery. Occasionally, an ultrasound image will indicate that a lump or bump needs further investigation or if you have been referred we will scan and provide a report for interpretation from your referring doctor or specialist. During the ultrasound scan, we also look at the blood vessels surrounding the lump or bump and identify whether it is a cause for concern, needs treatment or should be left as is.

Patients over the age of 18 are able to have lumps and bumps ultrasound scans and the scans are performed by our highly professional and experienced sonographers, who have years of ultrasound scanning experience.

There is not much preparation needed for a lumps and bumps scan, but it is recommended that you remove all jewellery before attending your lumps and bumps ultrasound scan.

So, if you have been searching for the right clinic to get your lump or bump checked out, give us a call today or contact us via our contact form. Our professional, compassionate and highly experienced sonographers will assist you in any way possible and our ultrasound scan experience will help keep you at ease while we investigate your lump or bump.

Lump & Bumps Scan:

  • Lump and Bump Scan: Cost £135
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