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Testes & Scrotum Scan

Men's Scrotal Ultrasound

Testes & Scrotum Scan
Pricing From £140
Consultation duration 20 minutes
Professional N/A
Next Steps Consultation
Results Same day report
The purpose of this ultrasound is to examine the contents of the testes and scrotum. The scan usually examines the testicles for any lumps and swelling, and includes assessment of the superficial tissues of the scrotum, the testes, epididymis (tube connected to the testis) and the spermatic cord.

A Testes and Scrotum Ultrasound, also known as a testicular sonogram or scrotal ultrasound, is a painless and non-invasive exam that can help you identify a wide range of conditions before they progress.

A testicular ultrasound is the primary imaging method used to observe and diagnose abnormalities in the testicles. Common examples for having this ultrasound scan are to investigate:

  • Causes of testicular lumps and pain
  • Determine the outcome of trauma to your scrotum
  • Investigate causes of swelling of the scrotum for conditions such as scrotal hernias, epididymal cysts, hydrocoele or varicocele (fluid around tested or dilated veins), unexplained swelling and testicular masses
  • History of infection, inflammation or discomfort
  • Infertility Health Check-up
  • Part of Sexual Health Screening

Common findings of testicular scan include:

  • Inflammation in the testicle and epididymis
  • Verification of whether a scrotal or testicular lump is solid (indicating a tumour) or fluid filler (indicating a cyst)
  • A benign or malignant testicular tumour
  • Twisting of the testicle on its axis (testicular torsion, where a twisted spermatic cord restricts blood flow to the testicle)
  • A benign collection of fluid around the testicle (hydrocele)
  • Fluid-filled benign cysts that develop on the ducts of the testicle (spermatocele)
  • Dilated veins (varicocele)

Testes & Scrotal Ultrasound Scan:

  • Testes & Scrotal Ultrasound Scan: Cost £140




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