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Prostate Cancer Test
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A prostate cancer blood test, also known as a Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA), is a test that measures the prostate-specific antigen in your blood. PSA is a protein created by cancerous and noncancerous tissue in the prostate. High levels of PSA may indicate the presence of prostate cancer.

The PSA test is a blood test that is primarily used to screen for prostate cancer. The prostate is a small gland that sits below the bladder in men. PSA is usually found in semen, which is also produced in the prostate and it is common to find small amounts of PSA circulating in the blood.

The blood profile can detect elevated levels of PSA that could indicate the presence of prostate cancer. It is important to note that this is not definitive, as many other conditions can also increase the patient’s PSA levels, such as an inflamed or enlarged prostate.

How is my PSA measured?

The results of a PSA test are reported as nanograms of PSA per millilitre of blood (ng/mL). However, there is no specific cut off amount between a normal or abnormal PSA level. After the test, your doctor may recommend a prostate biopsy depending on your results.

When should I have a Prostate Cancer Profile Test?

Whilst expert opinions differ on the matter, it is generally recommended that:

  • Men under 40 require no prostate screening.
  • Men between the ages of 40 to 54 years old, with an average risk of prostate cancer do not need to screen. However, men within this age group who have a high risk of prostate cancer are recommended a blood test.
  • Men who fall within the age groups of 55 to 69
  • Men who are over 70 or who have less than a 10–15-year life expectancy do not need to have the test.

How is the test conducted?

There are no preparations necessary for a PSA test.

Should you wish to enquire or book a prostate cancer blood test, please contact us via our contact form or telephone number.

Blood tests are ordered by the doctor as needed, based on the patient’s symptoms and concerns. Occasionally alternate or additional tests may be required for accurate diagnosis.

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