Torn Earlobe Repair

Safe Correction of Overstretched or Torn Earlobes

Torn Earlobe Repair
  • Qualified doctor completes treatment quickly
  • Earlobes are repaired with minimal scarring
  • Downtime is minimal
Pricing From £550
Procedure duration 60 minutes
Recovery time 2 weeks
Local anaesthetic Lidocaine
Result duration Permanent
Torn or overstretched earlobes can occur from a variety of causes including split ear piercings, earrings pulled by young children or clothing or long-term wearing of heavy-weighted earrings. Overstretched or torn earlobes can be repaired by our medical director, Dr Weber, as a minor surgery.

Overstretched or torn earlobes can be repaired by a qualified doctor. Overstretched or torn earlobes may be caused by accidental traumas such as the pulling of earrings, heavy-weighted earrings or may have been deliberately stretched to fit gauges and can be restored with minor surgery.

At Bodyvie, our medical director, Dr Andrew Weber, has a background in dermatology and minor operations to safely treat overstretched or torn earlobes.

During your treatment, Dr Weber will first clean your earlobe with antiseptic and apply a local anaesthetic to the earlobe to provide comfort during your treatment.

During treatment, a small amount of skin bordering the tear or hole of the earlobe will be cut and will then be precisely stitched back together. By creating a very small new wound to the earlobe and adding a few precise stitches, this promotes healing by holding the earlobe together.  Dr Weber will carefully stitch the earlobe back together to ensure the bottom border of the ear is aligned to avoid possible notches or an uneven line of the bottom of the ear.

Your stitches will remain in the ear for around seven days before being reviewed and removed by your doctor. The wound will completely heal and close within a month’s time and the scarring will fade within the year.

We encourage an in-depth consultation with Dr Weber prior to proceeding with treatment to prepare you with pre and post care advice to achieve optimal results and healing, restoring you overstretched or torn earlobe.

Torn Earlobe Repair with Bodyvie


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Why Choose us?

  • Qualified doctor completes treatment quickly
  • Earlobes are repaired with minimal scarring
  • Downtime is minimal
Overstretched or torn earlobe correction is a careful and precise procedure performed by your doctor to ensure a safe and comfortable treatment. You will have a thorough consultation for your doctor to assess your earlobe before treatment.

Consultation & price

Pricing From £550

You will have a thorough consultation with your doctor before proceeding with treatment. This allows your doctor to carefully assess your torn or stretched earlobe. Your doctor will discuss the procedure of treatment and its pre and post care requirements to ensure you achieve optimal results.


What does the treatment involve?

Your doctor will first carefully clean the earlobe that will be treated with antiseptic before administering local anaesthetic to numb your ear. Your doctor will then make a small cut to the inner border of the tear or overstretched hole to create a precise and small wound to promote healing which will be carefully stitched. These sutures will remain in the earlobe for around seven days before being reviewed and removed by your doctor.

How many treatments will I need?

You will only need one treatment to correct your torn or overstretched earlobe.

When will I see results?

You will see results immediately. The wound from the earlobe correction will close completely within a month and the scar from the minor surgery will fade within a year.

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