Laser Thread Vein Removal

Quick Erasure of Vascular Lesions

Laser Thread Vein Removal
  • Erases broken capillaries
  • Restores a clear complexion
  • Treats vascular imperfections
Pricing From £75
Procedure duration 30 mins
Recovery time 5 -7 days
Local anaesthetic None
Result duration Permanent
Bodyvie’s laser thread vein removal treatment will let you say goodbye to spidery veins while restoring your skin’s youthful look. Whether you have thread veins or rosacea, IPL or our Alexandrite and Nd:Yag lasers can reduce the appearance of undesired veins.

Visible red and blue vessels on the face and legs are common. They are usually referred to as thread veins but can also be known as dermal flares or spider veins. Thread veins are triggered by hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause, sunlight, excessive alcohol consumption, ageing and genetics. People with rosacea also suffer from thread veins. 

Thread veins are tiny blood vessels, medically known as telangiectasia, which runs close to the skin’s surface. They usually appear red but can occasionally be blue or purple. When blood vessels become enlarged, it causes the veins to appear broken.

graphic of before & after laser thread vein removal

Who can get thread veins?

This condition can develop at any age and in both men and women. However, thread veins are far more prevalent in women, with thread veins 10% more common than men. Nearly half of all women in their 40s will be affected by thread veins. As we age, our skin and blood vessels become more elastic, and our veins weaken. Blood begins to flow backwards in the veins, which is why thread veins are most common in the legs. 

But do not fret, as they are not dangerous and do not correspond to any underlying medical conditions. However, you can choose to have them removed if it is affecting your lifestyle or causing discomfort. Thread veins can be treated quickly and effectively with the proper treatment. 

Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins can be removed by laser treatment at Bodyvie. Laser treatment is a safe and effective way to combat thread veins. Laser treatment can remove veins approximately 1-3 mm in size. For these veins, often found on the legs or face, the Alexandrite and Nd: Yag lasers target these vessels using specific wavelengths to target the absorption into the blood, removing them with little or no downtime.

During the treatment, the light from the laser is directed at the thread veins causing them to heat up. The haemoglobin absorbs the heat in the thread veins, which causes the veins to break down and collapse. The damaged vein will then dissolve into the body and be removed by its’ natural immune system. The result is smooth and clear skin. 

Laser thread vein removal is a quick, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that can be done on your lunch break! Keep in mind that after treatment, thread veins may appear darker or bruised for a few days before they are fully absorbed into the body. The treatment sessions vary for each individual and their specific thread vein situation. 

Thread veins are prevalent and harmless but can be embarrassing. Bodyvie’s thread vein removal treatment is simple and effective and can help you address your concerns.

Ready to say goodbye to thread veins for good? Schedule your laser treatment with us today and reveal clear, smooth skin!

Laser Thread Vein Removal

Laser Thread Vein Removal

Laser Thread Vein Removal with Bodyvie


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Why Choose us?

  • Erases broken capillaries
  • Restores a clear complexion
  • Treats vascular imperfections
Boost confidence and even skin tone with the reduction of unwanted veins.

Consultation & price

Pricing From £75

During your consultation, your therapist will assess the are of veins you would like treated to determine the best treatment which may be IPL or Nd:Yag, or you may be referred to one of our doctors for sclerotherapy prior to commencing laser vein removal.

Laser Thread Vein Removal can also be used for:


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Individual results may vary.


What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is virtually painless, you will feel warmth and the sensation of a rubber band snapping on the skin. After treatment, SPF 50 will be applied and you will be advised to avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks post treatment. You may notice your veins appear darker for the next few days but this will subside once they are fully absorbed back into the body.

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on the severity of the veins. Generally speaking 1-3 sessions might be required, with some more stubborn veins responding to multiple treatments. More superficial veins can disappear immediately following just one session.

How quickly will I see results?

Following treatment some veins might disappear instantly, with others taking a little longer to be broken down and reabsorbed by the body. 

The treated vein might develop a little scab. This should not be picked to avoid skin trauma and will naturally return to normal with improvements seen in the coming weeks as the veins disappear.

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Laser Threadvein Removal Prices
Laser Threadvein Removal Prices
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