Family Planning

Family Planning
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  • Safe & Effective Birth Control Options
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Our family planning appointments with a specialist GP can offer tailored, confidential advice on STIs and how to prevent them, pregnancy tests, pre-conception and fertility awareness information, and cervical screening appointments.

Contrary to common belief, family planning services don’t revolve solely around planning to have children. Your GP at Bodyvie is here to help you to make the right choices for your lifestyle, whether you’re looking for birth control, or to extend your family now, or one day in the future.

Both men and women can benefit from family planning services and discussing with a professional, either alone or together with a partner, can be hugely beneficial in helping you decide how you would like your future to look.

Our GPs are experienced, compassionate and supportive people who have your wellbeing at heart. Seek advice for the following health concerns at Bodyvie, in a supportive environment that’s free of judgement:

Contraceptive Advice

Receive tailored contraceptive advice to help you decide on a mode of contraception that suits you. We can offer the following types of birth control:

  • IUD coil (for up to 5 days post intercourse).
  • Copper coil
  • Combined contraceptive pills
  • The progesterone-only pills
  • Hormonal coil

Emergency Contraception

If you’ve had unprotected intercourse, or your contraception has failed, we can provide you with emergency contraception and address any worries or anxieties you might be harbouring. We can also discuss how to help you to avoid the need for emergency contraception in the future.

Fitting & Removal of Contraceptive Devices

Your GP at Bodyvie can fit and remove contraceptive devices, such as the IUD and copper coil.

Sexual Health Advice

Seek advice about how to maintain a healthy sex life and avoid STIs.

Cervical Screening

Our routine cervical screening appointments are performed by a GP, who can also advise you on how often to visit for these, depending on your age and health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I discuss other uses of contraception during family planning appointments?

Yes. The use of contraception to control certain conditions can also be discussed as part of our family planning service.

Can my GP at Bodyvie help if I’m struggling to get pregnant?

Whilst Bodyvie is not a specialist fertility clinic, we can examine your general health and identify any causes for concern. We may suggest tests and investigations to achieve this.

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