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Cysts are generally harmless fluid-filled lumps under the skin and can be removed for cosmetic purposes.

Treatments for Cysts

Cysts are fluid-filled lumps under the skin and they can be soft to touch or firm. The fluid in the cyst can be yellow or white. Sometimes you can notice a small dark plug like a blackhead or blocked hair follicle on the cyst.

They are caused because some cells in the skin produce a protein called keratin which usually shed with dead skin cells but sometimes these cells multiply deeper in your skin and form a sac and they start secrete keratin into the middle of the sac, which forms a thick, yellow paste.

Cysts are usually harmless and painless and they develop slowly. If they become large, they can become uncomfortable. If they are painful, they can be infected. Cyst removal must be performed by a qualified and trained medical professional to ensure safe removal, prevent infection and scarring and detect any cellular abnormalities.

Cyst removals are considered a minor operation. Bodyvie works closely with The Doctor’s Laboratory when histology must be completed in the case of abnormalities to analyze any suspicious cells to ensure your safety.

Dr Weber’s expertise ensures minimal scarring and safe removal of cysts.


Fluid-filled lumps on the skin filled with a white or yellow fluid and can vary in size.


CAUSES of Cysts

  • Blocked sebaceous or oil gland
  • Build-up of dead skin cells
  • Hair follicle causing keratin to build-up to create a fluid-filled sac

Prevention of Cysts

Some cysts are difficult to prevent but some tips are to keep your skin clean and exfoliated to remove any build-up of dead skin cells and oil which can block the glands causing cysts.

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