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Excess Fat

Excess Fat
Despite a commitment to a healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise, some excess fat is stubborn and difficult to shift. Excess fat can be caused by weight gain from inactivity or an increase of caloric intake, hormonal changes and a slowed metabolism from ageing.

Treatments for Excess Fat

Excess fat is caused by weight gain which may be influenced by a number of factors such as hormones, genetics, medication or certain conditions causing weight loss to be difficult. At Bodyvie, we offer treatments to help with stubborn weight loss.

One of our treatments, Lipofirm Pro, empties fat cells with radiofrequency and further accelerates the natural flushing of fat with a pulsing massage called dynamic muscle activation which also helps to tone muscles.

Our photodynamic light therapy treatments target the stubborn areas of fat that are not responsive to a healthy lifestyle, heating the fat cells to essentially liquefy them to empty. By emptying the fat cells, we are not destroying them to avoid the effect of dysmorphic fat deposits if weight is gained again in the future.

Our treatments are non-invasive and FDA approved, they aid and complement a healthy lifestyle to provide results of tightening, toning and cellulite reduction to boost confidence. Our treatments can encourage the motivation for the consistent implementation of a healthy lifestyle.

SYMPTOMS of Excess Fat

Weight gain is apparent when your weight has increased on the scale and clothes feel smaller. You may experience more difficulty with physical activity and a hindered sense of confidence.


CAUSES of Excess Fat

  • increased calorie intake
  • reduced exercise and physical activity
  • hormonal conditions
  • thyroid problems
  • PCOS
  • medication
  • ageing
  • menopause

Prevention of Excess Fat

Weight gain can be prevented with a controlled calorific intake, healthy diet and exercise. If you think you might be experiencing a hormonal imbalance, it is best to see your GP to assess any underlying conditions such as a thyroid problem or PCOS.

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