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Pigmentation is caused by UV exposure, genetics or hormonal changes; resulting in uneven skintone and unwanted darker patches of skin.

Treatments for Pigmentation

Pigmentation increases over time and appears as moles, freckles, melasma or patches of darker skin. Pigmentation occurs anywhere on the body but is more prominent on areas that are more exposed to the sun such as the face, hands and arms. Sun exposure and hormonal changes are the main cause of uneven skin tone that many would prefer not to have. By resurfacing the skin with peels, tretinoin, and lasers, the pigmentation is worn down and its appearance is reduced.

The application of SPF50 daily is vital to maintain results and prevent the further development of pigmentation.

SYMPTOMS of Pigmentation

The symptoms of hyperpigmentation are patches of darker skin, a cluster of freckles or a mask-like formation of darker skin.


CAUSES of Pigmentation

  • Scarring can cause pigmentation.
  • Unwanted pigmentation is usually caused or increased by long-term UV exposure.
  • Hormonal changes like pregnancy and hormonal therapy can also increase pigmentation in the form of melasma.

Prevention of Pigmentation

Pigmentation can be prevented by avoiding long-term sun exposure and a daily application of a quality sunscreen. We recommend a sunscreen with the strength of SPF50.

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