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Poor Circulation

Poor Circulation
Poor circulation can cause fluid retention and increased appearance of veins.

Treatments for Poor Circulation

Poor circulation can raise a number of uncomfortable symptoms such as edema (water retention), tingling and numbness of the the extremities, fatigue, sensitivity to cold temperatures and possible digestive issues and cognitive issues.

Poor circulation can be caused by artheroclerosis, diabetes, blood clots, weight gain, inactivity and consuming tobacco products. It is encouraged to have poor circulation analysed by your doctor to determine its cause.

Alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, there are treatments to aid circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage to improve your sense of wellbeing. These treatments include a mechanical massage from LPG Endermologie and photodynamic light therapy such as Reveallux.

SYMPTOMS of Poor Circulation

Symptoms of poor circulation are lethargy, water retention, varicose veins, sensitivity to cold temperatures, tingling and numbness of fingers and toes.


CAUSES of Poor Circulation

  • unhealthy lifestyle choices such as consuming high fat and high carbohydrate diets
  • inactivity
  • diabetes
  • heart conditions
  • smoking tobacco products and sedentary jobs

Prevention of Poor Circulation

Poor circulation can be prevented with a healthy diet of vegetables and protein, reduced consumption of alcohol, processed sugars, fat and processed foods, regular exercise, weight management and not smoking or quitting smoking.

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