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Pores (Open or Enlarged)

Pores (Open or Enlarged)
Large pores are caused by genetics, skin type and sun exposure. Visibly large pores can effect the complexion by creating an unwanted texture.

Treatments for Pores (Open or Enlarged)

Large pores are usually genetic but they can also be caused by sun damage or increased by oily skin. Excess oil blocks the pores and traps dead skin cells and dirt within the pores, expanding them to appear larger. Ageing also contributes the the appearance of pore size as skin laxity increases.

Bodyvie offers treatments such as peels and lasers can resurface the dead skin cells to reduce pore size.

SYMPTOMS of Pores (Open or Enlarged)

Large pores can lead to symptoms of oily skin, increased and visible blackheads and an uneven facial texture.


CAUSES of Pores (Open or Enlarged)

  • Large and open pores can be caused by genetics
  • sun exposure
  • aging and oily skin. As skin loses elasticity from UV damage or aging
  • pores will increase in size.

Prevention of Pores (Open or Enlarged)

Large pores can be prevented by avoiding sun exposure because UV rays damage collagen and elastin in the skin, a daily application of sunscreen, we recommend an SPF50 will also help. You can also manage your skin quality to reduce excess oil production to avoid increased pore size. A healthy diet and a collagen supplement can help to maintain skin quality and elastin to prevent increasing pore size.

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