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Rosacea appears as facial redness, pimples, and small superficial dilated blood vessels.

Treatments for Rosacea

The cause of rosacea is unknown. Rosacea is visible on the face and can appear as patches of redness, very thin veins on the cheeks and nose and sometimes bumps that look similar to bumps.

Rosacea can be worsened by certain factors such as extreme weather, stress, spicy foods, alcohol and menopause. These factors can trigger flare-ups which may temporarily worsen the symptoms. Rosacea can cause discomfort and affect confidence.

At Bodyvie, our laser treatments are able to break down the facial redness to reduce the appearance of rosacea for a more even skin tone. Our micro-needling treatment which administers botulinum toxin and vitamins to the skin superficially can also reduce the appearance of veins and redness.

SYMPTOMS of Rosacea

The symptoms appear as redness to the skin, small patches of red veins on the face, small, irritable bumps which feel hot and tender and look similar to pimples, facial swelling, dry eyes and enlargement of the nose as the skin thickens.


CAUSES of Rosacea

  • extreme weather and temperatures
  • exercise
  • hot and spicy foods
  • medication which dilates blood vessels

Prevention of Rosacea

Because the cause of rosacea is unknown it is difficult to recommend prevention. There are ways to reduce flare-ups such as avoiding smoking, extreme weather conditions, stress and hot and spicy foods.

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