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Skin Tags

Skin Tags
Skin tags are generally harmless growths that may affect confidence for cosmetic reasons. They are usually found where are folds in the skin or where clothing can rub on the skin.

Treatments for Skin Tags

Skin tags appear as lumps on the skin and develop with age, mostly under folds of the skin like the armpit or where the edges of clothing can irritate the skin, from a build-up of collagen and vessels.

Skin tags develop a root or stem beneath the skin and though they are typically harmless, they may cause discomfort when irritated by clothing or the rubbing of the skin.

These type of tags can be removed by your doctor with our PlexR device to restore a smooth texture to the skin and reduce any further irritation from clothing.

SYMPTOMS of Skin Tags

They appear as small lumps of the skin and are typically the same colour as your skin. They are usually found where skin rubs against the skin like around the armpits and behind the knees, or where clothing can rub against the skin like the neck.


CAUSES of Skin Tags

  • Rubbing of skin on skin
  • Irritation from clothing

Prevention of Skin Tags

Skin tags can be prevented with a healthy and calorie-controlled diet, exercise to reduce excess skin and chafing to avoid irritation from skin rubbing. It is also important to keep skin dry to avoid the rubbing of excess skin.

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