Blood Tests

Private Blood Tests

Blood Tests
  • Comprehensive range of tests
  • Same day appointments & results
  • No referral required
Pricing From £75
Consultation duration 30 Minutes
Professional Private GP
Next Steps Consultation
Results From 4 hours
At Bodyvie we offer a comprehensive range of bloods tests which are processed via The Doctors Laboratory, a world leading diagnostics laboratory. We are able to offer quick turnaround time on blood results (times vary according to test carried out) with many being available within 4 hours.

Blood tests provide valuable information to evaluate your health. At Bodyvie, we use blood tests help to detect health problems, monitor treatment-response and progress, organ health and for general health management which can be useful for family planning,

There are many different blood tests available. Your doctor will advise the most suitable test to ensure the correct information from your blood is available to be analysed by the lab and your doctor.

Blood tests can be used:
  • To check your general state of health
  • To check the condition of your vital organs
  • To screen for certain genetic conditions
  • To check if you have any illness and/or infection
  • To monitor the effectiveness of certain medications

Blood tests at Bodyvie are carried out by our doctors and rapidly sent to phlebotomists (specialising in blood samples) at The Doctor’s Laboratory.

There are many reasons why patients opt to see us for private blood tests, including speedier testing and for tests which are not easily available on the NHS.

The process

You will have an initial consultation with your doctor to discuss your concerns and symptoms. Your doctor will decide the type of blood test needed to detect the issue you are concerned with. Depending on the blood test required, you may have your blood drawn at this appointment or you will be required to book a follow-up appointment to schedule the blood test.

Our doctors will tell you whether there are any specific instructions to follow prior to the test i.e. fasting or stopping medication. These instructions must be followed as they could affect the accuracy of results for any blood test.

At your appointment, your doctor will disinfect the site, usually on your arm, where your blood will be drawn from a detectable vein.

Bruises are possible at the injection site after your blood test. These injection-site bruises are harmless and in most cases fade within 24 hours.

We appreciate that having blood taken isn’t an experience that most people look forward to. However, the process is simple, quick and almost pain-free.

The results

Your blood will be sent to the laboratory, tested, examined and reported on. Once we receive the results at Bodyvie, we will then be able to pass them on to you. The processing time of results varies on the type of blood test.

If your doctor has any concerns over your results, you will be contacted immediately to come to the clinic to allow your doctor to go through your results with you in person.

You might have been advised of the blood tests you require by your NHS doctor or Dr Weber and this may expedite the consultation process Dr Weber can carry out the required test, just let reception know when you are booking your appointment. Alternatively, you might simply be feeling unwell and require a Private GP appointment for full investigation and diagnostics, in which case we will determine what test(s) are required.

Either way, our Private GP appointments ensure that you are in safe and professional medical hands.

Contact us to discuss the test you require and we can help provide the specific costing.

Blood Tests with Bodyvie


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Why Choose us?

  • Comprehensive range of tests
  • Same day appointments & results
  • No referral required
Our private GP consultations allow for longer appointment times ensuring a patient-focused process. Your wellbeing and comfort is our priority. Your doctor will ensure all concerns are covered and that you fully understand any associated processes or plan

Consultation & price

Pricing From £75

You will have an in-depth private GP consultation. Your doctor will cover your medical history and address concerns/symptoms. If any tests are required in line with the investigative process you will be advised and these will be carried out. Your doctor will provide a prescription or any medication as required.


What does the treatment involve?

Your doctor will carry out a thorough consultation and depending on your concern an investigative process will be completed/initiated, including a blood sample. The process of taking bloods is very quick and virtually painless – it will be over and done in minutes.

How many treatments do I need?

Whilst bloods are typically only taken once, depending on your concern and test results, further consultation and investigation might be required to manage patient concerns. This might result in multiple tests and can only be determined in consultation with the doctor.

How quickly will I see results?

Same day results are available in many cases with a 4 hour processing time. This is dependent on the blood test being carried out and you will be advised in consultation.

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