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Opening Our Eyes to Tear Trough Filler

tear trough treatment

Dry January is over, we all stopped drinking, right? And with our new year’s resolutions of healthy eating and exercise after an indulgent couple of months, we should be the picture of health. I imagine we are much healthier this month, however, I know when I look in the mirror after a good night’s sleep, I can’t help but notice my eyes still looking dark. I am feeling great on the inside, but I want to look how I feel on the outside too, so I have decided to explore an option to eliminate these dark circles and look fresh as a daisy with tear trough fillers.

I will admit to being apprehensive about the idea of injectables, especially in an area with such delicate skin- the under eyes. I have asked Dr Amanda Penny to fill me in on the magic of tear trough fillers to banish my fears and baggy eyes before I commit to changing the face I have come so accustomed to despite my self-criticisms.

If Dr Penny could describe tear trough fillers in five words, she says they would be “rejuvenating, subtle, underrated, touché eclat, the finishing touch.”

Why do we get the increasing feeling our eyes are getting darker as we age? According to Dr Penny, our cheekbones begin to resorb in our mid-20’s. You could compare this to having less scaffolding to support the tissues holding the fat pads around our eyes and cheeks. Our fat pads are also changing in size and are moving down with age. The thin skin of the eye area is more transparent, especially without the camouflage of fat to cover the darker muscle in the tear trough area, enhancing the dark circles and exposing pigment.

The result of tear trough filler is a subtle and refreshing effect, camouflaging the baggy eyes by physically blending the groove to improve the step from the eyelid to cheek area. This will not change the action of the muscle. This treatment is perfect in combination with cheek filler to rebuild structure in the face. The treatment is most commonly administered with a cannula which offers a more comfortable experience.

Dr Penny advises to see a reputable practitioner for this treatment. The possible side effects are bruising, redness, swelling due to the nature of injectables piercing the skin. This treatment should not replace a daily skincare regime.

My consultation with Dr Penny was reassuring and informative and I am looking forward to finally looking more refreshed!

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