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Thread Veins

Thread Veins
Thread veins are also called spider veins. They are tiny visible red or purple veins just below the skin surface.

Treatments for Thread Veins

Thread veins and spider veins are harmless but are considered a cosmetic nuisance. These thin veins form as thin lines, webs, or branches and can appear red, pink or purple. Veins carry blood towards the heart and they contain valves that help the blood to continue travelling in this same direction.

When there is damage to the veins and the valve in the vein is disturbed or blocked, this results in the pooling of blood within the vein which enhances the appearance of the vein at the surface of the skin. When this pool of blood bursts, it branches out and creates a web resulting in spider veins. Spider veins on the face are caused by the tiny vessels bursting and can also be a result of pressure on the veins or sun damage.

These veins can be removed by your doctor using sclerotherapy or if they are smaller, your aesthetician can target them with a laser which destroys the veins.

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SYMPTOMS of Thread Veins

As we age many of us will experience small broken red, purple or blue veins and burst capillaries which are visible through the skin. These are most commonly found on the face and legs.


CAUSES of Thread Veins

  • pregnancy
  • obesity
  • trauma (bruising)
  • poor circulation
  • exposure to extreme temperatures and genetic predisposition.
  • sun exposure

Prevention of Thread Veins

Compression stockings can we worn to improve circulation in the legs. Maintaining a healthy weight and regular excercise such as walking can reduce the risk of development. Avoid exposure to UV rays which have an ageing effect on the skin, causing it to thin, thereby making the underlying veins more visible. A daily application of SPF50 is strongly advised.

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