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The Eye of the Beholder

Women showing eyes behind the leaves

Science has shown that we assess facial features within milliseconds of seeing a new face. In fact, we only need 40 milliseconds to decide if a person is trustworthy, friendly, dominant or youthful.

When chatting to a friend, we tend to scan the face, with our gazing pausing at the eyes for longer than other areas. This is why we pick up so much from looking into someone’s eyes. This is also why so many people wish to improve the appearance of their eye area.

The eye area is very complex. Over 20 muscles work together to facilitate vision and expression. The peri-orbital skin is also the thinnest skin in the entire body, and so is prone to fine lines and dark circles. Lastly, as we lose collagen and fat in the upper face, we begin to develop eye bags. As the ageing process takes its toll, our eyes begin to look ” tired”.

However, with a little help from science, we can turn things around.

1. For anyone concerned about their eye area, the first thing I recommend is a little Botox- and this helps in more in than one way. Botox can do the obvious, relaxing “crows feet”. However, the same muscles that are responsible for these lines, also act as a drawstring, pulling the eyebrows downwards. Relaxing them has the added benefit of opening up the eyes.

Time and time again clients describe the result as looking ” refreshed and rested”. The effect can be enhanced when combined with Botox to frown area, as these muscles also pull the eyebrows down.

2. As we mature, the thin skin of the eye area begins to lose elasticity. The skin appears crepey. To combat this I advise my clients to consider skin tightening using PLEXR. This technology uses sublimation to tighten the uppermost layer of our skin. It is especially beneficial in reducing excess skin hanging over the eyelid.

In fact, the results of a PLEXR treatment are compatible with those of a surgical eyelid lift- without the scars, need for surgery and downtime.

3. In many cases those ” eye bags” and “dark circles” are actually due to a hollow that sits right under the eye: the tear trough. In youth, this space is minimal as the surrounding tissues provide support. But as the support is lost, the hollow gets bigger. It exacerbates the tissue above it and eye bags appear. It also forms a shadow and makes the eye area appear darker. To remedy this phenomenon; we replenish the lost volume in the mid face and cheek using dermal fillers.

If necessary, we can also put a little dermal filler directly into the tear trough. This can have an almost immediate effect on reducing the appearance of eye bags and darkness around the eyes.

So if your eye area is getting you down, please get in touch. I’m sure we can help.

By Dr. Dara Suite

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