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Observ 520 Skin Analysis

An advanced and comprehensive skin analysis

The Observ 520 is an advanced technology that provides deep analysis of the skin. This technology is used in all of our consultations and enables Bodyvie to create bespoke treatment plans for our clients. It is a thoroughly effective tool for displaying exactly what is happening below the patient’s skin, the extent of the conditions they are worried about, the problematic conditions they cannot see and how we can help to stop these conditions becoming an issue.

A large majority of skin conditions that develop over time originate from deeper layers of the skin, resulting in any possible problems being tough to identify with the human eye. The Observ technology exposes these conditions by using polarised light illumination and skin fluorescence. You can view five different analysis modes with Observ, all of which provide a different insight into your skin and its health.

We can identify what treatments you might need with this technology and accurately monitor your progress. We can become aware of any potential or current skin problems you may have and move to address them right away with personalised treatment plans. This unique skin analysis is included in every consultation that you book with us.



The Observ 520 offers a full face skin diagnosis. It is equipped with a technology that reveals skin conditions with supreme clarity by exposing the face with a low amount of UV rays. The concentration of these UV rays is just a fraction of the strength of natural sunlight.

Within the human skin, cells emit visible light in a unique way. Therefore, when exposed to UV rays, skin conditions can become clear when certain patterns and colours appear.

The entire process should take less than a minute. A series of six images are taken back to back. The patient is asked to close their eyes after their data is input and they will see a series of flashing lights. The images are then created into a PDF file which can be sent to the practitioner prior to the consultation or directly to the patient for their records.

The Observ 520 is completely safe, however anyone with a sensitively to flash photography should disclose their condition to their practitioner.

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