Biofibre Hair Implantation

The Biofibre hair implant treatment is a safe and effective method for restoring lost hair volume. The treatment is suitable for male and female alopecia and provides immediate, natural-looking hair thickening. The Biofibre implants are undetectable to natural hair and may be matched to any colour or texture.


What are the benefits?

•    Restored hair density
•    Immediate and natural-looking results
•    Gradual and progressive hair thickening
•    Full integration with existing hair

What does Biofibre Hair Implantation treatment involve?

The scalp is anesthetised and one of our fully trained doctors will implant the Biofibre until the desired hair density is obtained.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments depends on the desired hair density. One of our bodyvie doctors will be able to give you an estimate during your initial consultation.

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