Below are transcript highlights from Anthea Turner’s lovely interview with Dr. Andrew Weber.

Anthea Turner: What is unique about Bodyvie?

Dr. Weber: Warmth, inclusiveness, a facilitative approach to each and every patient. Helping them to decide, that’s what we do … it’s a question of sitting down and coming to the best decision but not an imposed decision; it is a two-way process.

Anthea Turner: Would you say that you treat holistically more and more now?

Dr. Weber: We have always treated holistically. My history and training was in general practice for 33 years, which is always about continuity of care. It’s about families … you’d have 2 or 3 generations registered in the practice. It was that continuity and knowledge. We’ve brought the holistic general practice approach to medical aesthetics, where it has been lacking. Up until now, patients have gone to doctors to have botox and fillers but that continuity has been lacking. 

Anthea Turner: What is the practicality of your HRT range?

Dr. Weber: We listen to the feedback we had from the patients, whether it be the colour, the smell, and we’ve modified according to what the patients want. It’s not complicated, it’s not a big range. But it’s got the most important ingredients, the most important applications as well. Not just Vitamin A and C … we’ve got exfoliators, moisturisers, tints. We’re not just looking after the skin, we’re looking after the person. A research study asked 400,000 women to split into two groups. One group had HRT, the other didn’t. The group that hadn’t been on HRT had a higher mortality rate. You’re investing in your health, you’re investing in your future and longevity.

Anthea Turner: Why come Bodyvie for botox?

Dr. Weber: We’ve got 20 years of experience, it’s as simple as that. We know the anatomy, we know the products, we know how each of the different products acts and behave and when to use each one. 

Anthea Turner: How do you like people to feel?

Dr. Weber: At ease. We try to put them at ease, find out about the patient and their expectations. That is where we start. We discuss their problems, their expectations and can provide treatments to make them look better and feel better. Research on depression sufferers shows that after having botox, they look in the mirror and they feel better. It’s all about perception and what’s looking back at you. 

Every professional at Bodyvie understands and values Dr. Weber’s intentions highly. We cater specifically to the individual patient so you can achieve your most comfortable and satisfied self. Our warm, welcoming and friendly clinic will put you at ease and make your priorities, our priorities as well. 

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