Speed ⚡

A major advantage of Private GPs is that they are readily available and tend to offer a service with short waiting times. According to data from NuffieldTrust, 29% of NHS patients waited for over 6 weeks to receive diagnostic tests.

Private GP services often offer far more services than normal GP practices. For example, Bodyvie offers go-to GP consultations in person and over the phone, joint injections, ear wax removal, private prescriptions, COVID-19 testing, menopause management, smear tests, contraceptive advice and so much more. The availability of these advanced treatments mean patients can be seen quicker and for longer.

Private GP practices sometimes also have their own laboratory meaning you can get test results back within the day, as opposed to waiting weeks to get your results. 

Flexibility 📅

Private doctors often offer extended and out-of-hours appointment times to provide their patients with ease of access. This may include morning, lunchtime and evening appointments as usual but also weekend, face-to-face, video, telephone appointments and even home visits as well.

Some private GP services offer their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For certain medical reasons, such as emergency contraception, the flexibility of a Private GP is a godsend. Bodyvie understands urgent medical queries need to be addressed accordingly. The clinic endeavours to see you for a comprehensive consultation, prescribe emergency pills or insert a IUD coil all during your one appointment. Private GPs are flexible for their patients. 

Choice 👩‍⚕️

Private GP surgeries often have a larger team of GPs and healthcare professionals giving the patient a choice as to who you can see. This is fantastic for patients that want to have a personal doctor who knows their history or prefer to see someone of their own gender whom they can empathise with. 

A general problem with standard GP practices is being shifted from locum doctor to locum doctor and never getting the chance to see your Main GP. Private GPs such as Bodyvie offer a dedicated team of medical professionals who work holistically to achieve a patient’s health goals.

Quality Time ⌛

Whilst NHS surgeries are often given mandates on the length of appointments (usually 10-15 minutes), Private GPs can allow for longer appointment times, so the patient’s issues can be fully explored, understood and managed.

At Bodyvie, consultation time is 30 minutes or longer depending on the type of appointment/treatment. There is a greater chance of higher quality of care as GPs don’t need to rush in their assessments and appointments, meaning their ailments can be thoroughly investigated. Quality time also puts the patient at ease and tells them they are worth listening to and not just another name to be crossed off the daily list. 

Privacy 🔒

Private services often do away with the risk of waiting and being seen in a waiting room. Patients can feel comfortable knowing that a private clinic’s only focus is the patient’s health and confidentiality.

Furthermore, the NHS does practice data sharing between clinics and in recent years has followed measures where they can do this without the patient’s overt permission. Private GP practices will never share a patient’s information without permission.

Professional 🤝

Patients that are used to business-class service and appointments that work with their calendar will prefer the private GP environment. NHS GP services and clinics can be very clinical and bland, dragging the patient down.

Private GP practices can stand out from this to offer busy professionals ease of access and a more welcoming environment than the tiled white halls one is used to with the NHS. Bodyvie is a modern and chic clinic with comforting sofas adorning our waiting areas. You won’t feel like a lab rat in a testing room but rather a client in a bespoke location meant to sooth and relax. 

Efficiency ⏰

With private GP services, you get your money’s worth. Professional teams, composed of experts, can handle referrals promptly and efficiently. NHS referrals and clinic handovers can take months and are often advised to go private regardless. With a private GP, you can rest well knowing the referral will be handled with care and promptness. 

When people choose a private GP practice, the main factors are often time and flexibility. Waiting lists are significantly shorter but appointment times are significantly more comprehensive. In truth, the value of a private GP practice is the range of choice in every aspect.

At Bodyvie, our private service is armed with years of experience and work with high-end facilities to provide stellar service

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