What is body contouring?

Body Contouring is the field in aesthetic medicine that refers to the tone and sculpt of a body. It can help patients reduce bulges, tone up muscle groups and even improve the definition of those muscles.

In the traditional sense, contouring involved the practice of using make-up to add definition and structure to faces in order to highlight cheekbones, noses and jawlines.

Body Contouring uses no makeup products but seeks to achieve the same goal. Contouring treatments make the skin look leaner by reducing the appearance of aged and sagging skin. 

We’ll be taking a look at the different contouring treatments available to you and the outcome you can expect.

Treatments & their benefits

  • Plasma Pen: This is a revolutionary procedure that reduces costs, improves a range of skin concerns and delivers long-lasting youthful results. The pen is considered a soft-surgery device and not invasive. The pen tightens stubborn areas of loose skin by projecting a small electric arc onto the surface of your skin, but never making direct contact. The plasma causes the skin to tighten and encourages a healing response. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles across the face and gives the effect of an eyelift. The Plasma Pen can be used for tummy lifts and smoothening skin to give a smooth contoured appearance. This treatment is particularly effective around the neck and jawline area. 
  • Dermal Fillers: Fillers are used to define facial structure, tackle lines, wrinkles and sagging areas of the face and neck. Fillers can be injected into under the eyes, cheekbones, jawline and to achieve nose symmetry. Dermal Fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which our bodies already produce, to restore and provide volume to the face. You will be left with a more defined facial structure.
  • Radiesse: This is also a dermal filler but one that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin also, leading to longer-lasting and more natural results. Radiesse results in hydrated, smoother, tightened and contoured skin, which significantly decreases signs of ageing. 
  • Lipofirm Pro Body Sculpting: This technology uses Radiofrequency and muscle activation to clean out fat cells and contour muscles. Lipofirm Pro targets excess fat and cellulite and can be localised to areas like the thighs, stomach, buttocks, arms or jowls. It is a longer treatment but the results can leave a toned and contoured body.

Our clinic provides expert advice and treatment when it comes to contouring treatments and other aesthetic treatments. We were one of the first private cosmetic clinics in the country and are headed by Dr. Andrew Weber, known for over two decades of high-level work in the industry.

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