One such non-invasive procedure uses the remarkable Plasma Pen, a revolutionary device that rejuvenates your appearance, effortlessly rolling back the years. Here at Bodyvie, we’ve championed this device due to its fantastic results, which have left countless patients of ours thrilled over recent years.

The Science & Artistry Behind the Magic

First, to the science. “Plasma” isn’t just a term reserved for physics enthusiasts; it’s an integral part of our world. To put it more simply, think of it as the fourth state of matter, beyond solid, liquid, or gas. The genius of the Plasma Pen lies in harnessing this state. The device adeptly converts electrical energy into gaseous diatomic molecular nitrogen (We know, it’s a mouthful). This supercharged gas, when delicately applied to the skin’s surface, initiates a transformative process, with the best part being no collateral damage to nearby areas or the deeper skin layers.

The Plasma Pen is a tool, and in the hands of a novice, it’s just that, a tool. But, at Bodyvie, it’s wielded by masters. Our expert aestheticians aren’t merely trained; they’re the artists of aesthetics. Their nuanced approach ensures they address all skin concerns, from sagging skin and lines to scars on the skin.

Once you’re in the care of one of our aestheticians and undergoing the treatment, the magic begins. On the surface, it might seem like the Plasma Pen is doing all the work, but it’s more of a collaboration with our skin. When the Pen touches the skin, it catalyses our skin’s renewal processes. The treatment excites fibroblast cells, instigating a natural surge in collagen and elastin, nature’s elixirs for youthful, springy skin. It results in natural healing augmented by cutting-edge tech, leaving you with remarkable and enduring results.

Why Opt for the Plasma Pen Treatment?

When it comes to modern skin treatments, the Plasma Pen stands out as a top choice for many, and it’s easy to see why. One of its biggest perks is its remarkable accuracy. Instead of taking a broad approach, the Plasma Pen hones in on specific problem areas, ensuring they’re treated without causing any disturbance to the surrounding skin. Imagine having a device as precise as a skilled artist with a fine-tip brush; that’s the Plasma Pen for you.

And if the thought of surgical procedures sends a shiver down your spine, the Plasma Pen will be a breath of fresh air. There’s no need for cutting or stitches, so you can put aside fears of scarring or lengthy recovery periods. It’s all about getting you the desired results with as little hassle as possible.

The treatment itself is designed to be both swift and effective. Once our experts determine it’s a good fit for you, your skin will be treated with care. It starts with a gentle cleansing followed by a numbing cream to ensure comfort. Then, the magic of the Plasma Pen comes into play. Within an hour or two, the procedure is typically completed. You might notice a hint of redness or a slight puffiness once it’s done, but these minor effects soon subside, making way for skin that looks rejuvenated, tighter, and radiant.

And let’s remember its versatility! Whether the concern is wrinkles that show tales of life’s experiences, scars from adventures gone by, pesky skin tags, or even stretch marks that come from life’s significant changes, the Plasma Pen is up for the challenge.

Keeping the Glow Going

So, you’ve had the Plasma Pen treatment, but what follows it? Keeping that fresh look is simpler than you might think.

  1. Sun Safety: Freshly treated skin dislikes the sun. Stay protected using sunscreen, popping on a hat, or chilling in the shade.
  2. Moisturise: Keep your skin soft and support its healing by moisturising daily with skin-specific products. If you’re unsure what to use, Bodyvie’s experts can guide you on what will suit you best.
  3. Avoid Strong Stuff: Fresh skin is sensitive. Steer clear of potent chemicals in skincare or makeup for a bit. So, those heavy-duty products? Give them a break.

Follow these easy steps, and your skin will keep shining brighter for longer, showing off the Plasma Pen’s amazing results.

Your Turn to Experience the Revolution

At the confluence of science, artistry, and nature stands the Plasma Pen, a testament to Bodyvie’s dedication to avant-garde, effective treatments tailored for the contemporary individual. But words, no matter how evocative, only go so far. Experience, as they say, is the true teacher. So, isn’t it time you felt the magic firsthand?

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