Well, I have good news, the Fusion MD treatment combines Botox, micro-needling and mesotherapy to create a picture-perfect ( and shine-free!) glow. This is how it works:


Have you ever noticed that after anti-wrinkle injections applied to the forehead, the forehead appears less shiny? This is because the Botox protein doesn’t only work on the muscles of expression, it can also relax the muscles that surround our pores and sebaceous glands and as a result, they aren’t able to contract and push out oil or sweat.

Botox relaxes the tiny muscles that cause our pores to open. Research has recently shown that Botox injected superficially into the skin also reduce the red blotchiness that is commonly seen in rosacea.

During a Fusion treatment, tiny amounts of Botox are injected through minute needles, into the superficial layers of the skin where the oil glands and pores are located. The botox is not injected deep enough to affect the muscles of expression. Your treatment movement is entirely normal, but your face is less oily, pores are tightened and redness is reduced.

Like normal Botox, the effects of the Fusion treatment can be seen within 1 week and should last for 3 months.


The Fusion treatment device uses 20 gold plated titanium spiral grooved needles. Each needle is minuscule, less than 0.13mm in diameter and they only penetrate 0.6mm deep. Bypassing these microscopic needles over the skin, a chain reaction stimulates new collagen production, this gives an overall tightening effect to the skin which kicks in within a matter of days.



During a Fusion MD treatment, a wide range of nutrients and anti-oxidants are micro-needled into the skin. Every skin type benefits from hyaluronic acid, otherwise known as nature’s moisturiser. Within 48-72 hours, your skin will feel super hydrated and naturally plumper.

Depending on your particular skin type, anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C for brightening and peptides for collagen production can also be added to your skin. For who suffer from rosacea, the powerful anti-inflammatory agent Rutin can be added to calm sensitive and red skin.

The Fusion treatment is the perfect treatment to have during the hot summer months. Not only does it reduce the oil and perspiration, but increases hydration and gives the skin a boost of collagen. There is little downtime and can be done even if you have a sunny holiday coming up!

By Dr Dara Suite

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