We are excited to share that Bodyvie has been recently featured in Elizabeth Carr-Ellis’ blog, 50sense.net which offers support and information for women experiencing menopause. Bodyvie proudly offers treatments and meno-tweaks to ease the changes you experience during perimenopause and menopause. From HRT to vaginal rejuvenation to collagen and skin treatments, our doctors will cater to your unique needs so you feel your best, inside and out during menopause.

Bodyvie spoke with Elizabeth Carr-Ellis, a journalist and founder of the blog 50sense.net. 50sense.net explores life after 50 and Carr-Ellis discovers and reports methods to empower women as their lives change during menopause. On top of this, Elizabeth launched the campaign #KnowYourMenopause to create a supportive women for women and eradicate the discretion and lack of knowledge of this life-changing time in women’s lives.

Elizabeth visited us at our clinic in Richmond and spoke with our clinic director, Dr Andrew Weber to ask him the questions everyone wants to know to better understand menopause, meno-tweaks and to learn how she can improve her sense of well-being. Dr Weber covered skin changes from the decline of oestrogen, sun damage, collagen supplements, intensive menopause consultations, HRT and more!

Click here to read Elizabeth Carr-Ellis’ interview with Bodyvie’s medical director, Dr Andrew Weber.

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