Dr Andrew Weber re-launches Sculptra at bodyvie

Following my recent visit to the BCAM (British College of Aesthetic Medicine) conference on Saturday & Sunday 28-29th September 2013, I am delighted to share with you, the advancements in Sculptra Natural Collagen Stimulation treatment.

Sculptra is a unique facial injectable that replaces lost collagen during the ageing process with your own collagen. Sculptra is a rejuvenator and volumiser specifically designed to stimulate natural collagen growth, with results lasting in excess of two years.

The Sculptra lecture advocated the use of cannulas to improve results and to minimise downtime associated with treatment, which typically includes bruising, swelling, numerous entry points and lumps. The new method of administering Sculptra requires only a fraction of the needle entry points previously required when using a standard needle.

I have been carrying out Sculptra for over 13 years now, having been one of the first UK doctors to offer this treatment. Sculptra still remains a specialised treatment and I am delighted to see an improvement in it’s application. Hopefully more patients will consider Sculptra as a dynamic option for anti-ageing treatment with it’s reduced downtime. The results produced by a course of Sculptra treatments can provide breathtaking results and restore both volume, plumpness, and greatly improved skin tone and texture. Sculptra stimulates new collagen growth rather than just mechanically filling depressions, as dermal fillers do.

Sculptra harnesses the concept of ‘well-ageing’ rather than just ‘anti-ageing’. Don’t wait for your skin to age before treating it, but instead help keep it healthy so it ages well. The amount of Sculptra required is determined by age, sun damage, whether you smoke or not but usually the treatment is carried out in 3-5 sessions separated by intervals of 6 weeks. The use of cannulas in treatment results in a much more acceptable downtime or none at all.

We will be holding an open evening on Thursday 7th November 2013 6:30-9pm. Enjoy live demonstrations and a Q&A session with Dr Andrew Weber and Dr Aggie Zatonska. To book your place contact [email protected] or call us on 0207 1000 744.


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