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Scarring is often caused by a past injury, trauma or surgical procedure. Scar tissue can build up to create a textured and discoloured site on the skin which is more often unwanted. You can experience acne scarring, stretch marks or scars from healing from broken skin.

Treatments for Scarring

Scars can appear anywhere on the body which has experienced the breaking of the skin. They may look red, pink or purple and have a raised texture.

Scars are formed by the healing process after trauma to the skin. The skin may be broken due to an accident or injury or by surgical intervention. When the skin is injured, fibrous scar tissue builds up to protect and repair the damaged skin.

Depending on the scar, its appearance can be reduced at Bodyvie with the use of laser technology or injections to restore skin texture.

SYMPTOMS of Scarring

The symptoms of scarring can be a build-up of scar tissue which can be red or purple and have a texture which may feel like a lump. Some scars may become flat over time.


CAUSES of Scarring

  • The cause of scars is trauma to the skin.
  • Caused by an accident or surgical incision which opens the skin.

Prevention of Scarring

Scars can be difficult to prevent as many are caused by surgery or accidental trauma. You can avoid high risk activites to avoid the skin breaking, It is also recommended to not pick acne spots to avoid acne scarring.

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