Can you believe it is the year 2021? Now the party season is over and the new year has started, the refreshing idea of a new decade is probably inspiring you to practice self-care, from committing to a more regular fitness routine to adjusting your diet to be more healthy or you may try giving Dry January a go! Feeling your best helps maintain this motivation. For some, feeling your best may start with looking your best and a jump-start to see refreshing results- anti-wrinkle injections and collagen subtly achieve anti-ageing and natural-looking results for an effective boost to feel your best!

Botox and Skinade collagen supplements are a great option to defy the signs of ageing and to leave last year and last decade behind.

Anti-wrinkle injections

One fail-safe way to achieve your glow for the new year is to come into Bodyvie for a sprinkling of Botox. These reliable anti-wrinkle injections do what they claim, they banish frown lines and crow’s feet within days by causing the muscles that control facial muscles which in turn cause wrinkles, to relax or atrophy. By doing this, we are also delaying the severity of further lines and wrinkles by conditioning the muscles to relax so not only does Botox offer direct treatment to eradicating the appearance on lines and wrinkles, it also prevents their future development.

We all love Botox because it is reliable and has a unique ability to make us feel fresh and looked rested- even if we are surrounded by chaos in our modern, busy lives.

The great thing about Botox is that it has minimal downtime. The vast majority of us have treatment, hop off the doctor’s chair and dive right back into our daily activities, even return straight back to work! Few cosmetic treatments offer this convenient benefit.

The only thing to bear in mind in regards to anti-wrinkle injections is timing. Botox takes up to 2 weeks to reach its peak effect and you may want a little top-up to get it just right. I advise my clients to book their anti-wrinkle treatment with time before any upcoming events and engagements to feel your best. By allowing 2 weeks for anti-wrinkle injections to settle and for your Botox to reach its peak, this also allows time to return to your Bodyvie doctor for any adjustments for optimal results.


Looking for other ways to boost your skin and collagen for the new year? Why not just drink it? At Bodyvie, we offer what we find to be the most effective collagen supplement called Skinade. Skinade is packed with high-grade marine sourced collagen along with your daily recommended dose of 5 crucial nutrients for skin health: Vitamin B, Vitamin C, MSM, L-lysine and Omega Acids.

Drinking Skinade daily for 3 months is scientifically proven to increase skin hydration, skin elasticity and collagen density for anti-ageing results. Not only will your skin look more youthful and fine lines decreased, but you will also benefit from the added B vitamins for a boost of energy which will add more impact to your workouts!

The combination of anti-wrinkle injections and regular collagen intake will offer you longer-lasting results and optimal skin health to feel you best for the new year! Bodyvie’s doctors will offer you a thorough consultation to ensure you receive all of the information and advice you need to best suit and achieve your unique anti-ageing skin goals to feel empowered.

Book your consultation with our reception team to get started!

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