Bodyvie’s medical director, Dr Andrew Weber was recently invited to discuss menopause and vaginal rejuvenation with relationship counsellor, Lianne Young, on her podcast ‘Purely Woman.’ Lianne has an unfiltered approach to asking Dr Weber the questions many of us are too shy to ask, especially in regards to menopause and the intimate changes it brings.

Bodyvie is known for implementing some of the world’s most advanced medical technology, primarily lasers, at our clinic. Dr Weber is a leading medical aesthetic physician in London and his skills are further strengthened by his 40 years of experience as a GP, specialising in dermatology and OB/GYN. With this background, Dr Weber has founded a focus on treating the symptoms of menopause to help women feel their best during this change. From restoring collagen to prescribing bespoke HRT to non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation, women can feel supported and empowered to regain comfort as their bodies change from declining levels of oestrogen.

With Lianne’s interest in sex and relationships, she explores the option of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation and its benefits with Dr Weber during her interview. This treatment uses an advanced fractional laser called Shelase to restore the vagina internally and externally, stimulating collagen production to replace the collagen lost with age and oestrogen loss, restore the mucosa and vaginal lining and improve the symptoms of Stress Urinary Incontinence for women who have delivered children, women with lax pelvic muscles and menopausal women by tightening the vaginal tissue and treating dryness and discomfort. Shelase treatment can also improve sexual comfort and heighten sensitivity to restore confidence in intimate relationships.

Shelase is only performed by a medical doctor with an OB/GYN background. Shelase is a quick treatment and virtually painless. A course of 3 treatments are advised for optimal results.

Click here to listen to Dr Weber’s interview on Purely Woman with Lianne Young.

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  • Claire says:

    As someone who just had a baby, is there a waiting period between giving birth and being able to get vaginal rejuvenation?