Sometimes, things can really be too good to be true. With a demand for cheaper and more easily attainable dermal fillers and botox, injectables are now available from eager practitioners that are not necessarily complying with medical standards in London. With a saturated market, how do you find the best practitioner for injectables? At Bodyvie, patient safety and comfort is a huge focus for us and we want to share our knowledge so you can have the best experience wherever you are.

Without seeing a qualified medical practitioner for injectables, you are more likely to experience riskier outcomes such as nodules, infections, bruising, or too much and poorly administered filler. Despite the intention of wanting to feel better about oneself, many people are at risk for a negative and even dangerous experience if they do not see a fully qualified practitioner in a medically sterile environment who can properly remedy adverse reactions.

Injectable treatments can subtly enhance your appearance if done correctly. They were originally introduced to restore lost collagen and skin laxity as a side-effect of ageing. In recent years, injectables have been more artfully used to alter facial features such as uneven noses, small lips, bone structure, soft jawlines and more and this has trickled down from a demographic of older women with the simple goal of defying the signs of ageing to younger women, fulfilling their desires to alleviate physical insecurities and altering their appearance and the aesthetics industry is accommodating this demand of this growing market.

With this increased accessibility and affordability of injectable treatments, doctors, nurses and anyone with a certificate are now performing these procedures. Finding the best practitioner for your injectable needs has become more overwhelming with the plethora of options and Bodyvie will help you filter out the bad from the good in terms of good medical practice.

With injectables now available at salons and Superdrug, how do you know where to go to ensure you have a safe experience and achieve your desired results?

Even with the best doctors, the nature of injectables piercing the skin, there are possible side effects such as bruising or swelling which will decrease after a couple of days. With a good practitioner, you will be treated with any adverse reactions quickly and effectively.

Here are 6 tips to follow when looking for the best practitioner for injectables in London:

1. Find a practitioner with a medical background and a licensed clinic or office

When searching for a provider, it is vital to look up their credentials and research the space they practice in. We advise finding someone with a medical background. Medical practitioners better understand the body and muscles which is important when administering a product that will alter your muscles like anti-wrinkle injections or augment your appearance like dermal fillers. Practitioners with a medical background also have a better knowledge of the practice of injecting as the wrong depth of injection can cause problems like hard lumps on the injection site like nodules. It is also important your provider practices in a sterile environment. If in doubt, look for a CQC qualified clinic because CQC requires strict rules of compliance of a medical practice to be authorised. This way, you are guaranteed to be treated by a qualified practitioner in a safe environment to reduce the risk of infection.

2. Find a practitioner that is easy to visit 

Like your GP, it is important to find a practitioner you can visit easily. Travelling hours for an esteemed provider may be worth it but with the nature of injectables, a needle puncturing the skin, there is always a risk of bruising or swelling and being close to your provider will allow you to have this remedied as soon as possible. At Bodyvie Medi-Clinic in Richmond, patients are always invited for reviews especially if they are new to treatment to ensure their satisfaction. In the case of bruising, patients are treated with LED light therapy to alleviate the bruising or swelling for better patient care. Continuation of patient care should be a priority for the clinic you are considering.

 3. Ask your friends or colleagues about a practitioner they trust

 Word of mouth recommendations are always helpful! If you know your friend visits a clinic for injectable treatments and you like their results, ask them about who they see and what their experience is like. Your friends may even advise who to avoid so you don’t have to learn from their mistakes if they have had a bad experience. It is beneficial to ask the advice of someone who has had a number of treatments as they know what they are looking for and what to expect to lead you towards the right direction!

4. Read reviews about your practitioner

Further your knowledge of your potential provider by looking up their reviews on Google and TrustPilot. It is a good idea to read a number of people’s reviews because they often describe their entire experience from booking their appointment, their initial consultation, treatment results and sometimes their continued loyalty to their practitioner.

 5. Pay attention to how you feel during your consultation

A reputable practitioner will invite you for an initial consultation before you proceed with treatment. A consultation allows you the opportunity to discuss what you would like to achieve with treatment, your concerns and for your doctor to assess the treatment area to determine the best product for you, discuss pre and post care and possible risks. You may be asked if you would like to proceed with treatment during your consultation and make sure you feel certain, not pressured. This is a medical procedure, not a hard-selling item you can return.

 6. Avoid being swayed by cheaper prices

As attractive as a deal is, the saying of “you get what you pay for” applies to medical procedures. The cost of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers includes medical training, insurance and compliance to ensure a safe experience. You can avoid higher costs associated with prestige of location as those extra costs cover higher clinic rent like on Harley Street and don’t necessarily pay for the best qualified practitioner.

Bodyvie is committed to offering the best medical services by following strict regulations and guidelines. Our doctors are highly experienced and follow protocol with all treatments to ensure you are in safe hands. We want to provide guidance when trying to select a suitable practice for injectable procedures and we are supporting an ongoing campaign for the government to regulate the practice of medical aesthetics.


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