It’s great that the lighter mornings are here and you’ve probably already started crossing off the days until your summer holiday, but with the recent rain, snow, hailstones and sunny spells, we are not sure the weather has had the ‘it’s springtime’ memo! However, as we like to look on the bright side, we’re bringing you advice on how to make skin improving changes to your skincare regime in the hope that ‘springtime proper’ will soon appear…

  1. Reassess your skincare needs. After a winter of skin spoilers such as central heating and cold, icy blasts of wind, you may find that your skin needs some real TLC and now is the perfect time to address any issues. Just as one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to clothes, it also rings true with skincare, so seeking the advice of a skincare specialist who can tailor make a plan of products and treatments just for you, is a great idea. Here at Bodyvie we offer
  2. Have a proper spring clean: If you feel you may have got stuck in rut with your skincare over winter, you can achieve big benefits by simply concentrating on thorough cleansing twice a day. Whether you prefer to use a wash off lotion or cleansing cream or gel, use this time to massage the face with your fingertips to get the lymph flowing freely and preventing puffiness.
  3. Use the right moisturiser. Many of us pack on a heavy-duty moisturiser over winter. If that’s the case, you may need to lighten up. Warm weather (fingers crossed) combined with a too-rich cream can clog pores and lead to spots, so switch to a lighter formulation lotion or gel.
  4. Protect and perfect. Need we say it again? Well we will anyway – if you aren’t already, make sure you include a sun protection factor (SPF) lotion after moisturiser. It’s the dermatologists’ number one rule for healthy, youthful skin. Check that your SPF is a broad-spectrum product that shields against both UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays for complete protection.
  5. Retexture and rejuvenate. Sloughing away sluggish old skin cells that may be giving skin a sallow, dull appearance is essential. If you’re not already using an exfoliator, we suggest adding a gentle scrub to your regime twice a week to get skin looking its most fresh and to allow greater absorption of ingredients from subsequent skincare. Bear in mind that if your regime includes a glycolic or lactic acid serum and/or retinol to help resurface texture, they could cause skin irritation if you’re in the sunshine, so it’s even more important to keep your SPF handy to top up during the day.
  6. Super smooth skin all over. Don’t just focus on your face and leave the rest of your skin out of your new and improved skincare routine! Take your facial skincare all the way down to the neck and décolletage and ensure you buff away dead skin on your body and moisturise it well ready for those long awaited summer days!

If you’d like to book a spring skincare consultation at Bodyvie to get your skin in perfect condition for summer, contact us today.

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