Bodyvie’s Dr Olivia discusses some of the symptoms and solutions regarding menopause. Olvia Cordington, Bibi and Miranda

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We have curated some highlights below but give the whole fun and welcoming podcast a listen, you won’t regret it!

Podcast Highlights:

Dr Olivia: “Lots of women are experiencing menopausal symptoms but we don’t know half of the symptoms they’re having. We know about cessation of periods and hot flushes, but we don’t necessarily know that our skin will become dry and lax.”

Dr Olivia: “We came up with the idea for people to come in, to discuss concerns about the face, vagina, libido etc. And we could make a bespoke treatment plan to help them deal with menopause and improve their confidence.”

Dr Olivia on what a consultation would be like: “We talk through their main concerns … It might be brain fog, memory difficulty, anxiety, feelings of low mood, dry skin, fragile skin, loss of face volume, painful intercourse and dry and itchy vagina.”

Dr Olivia on what’s recommended to dealing with menopause: “Healthy diet, gentle exercise to maintain bone density, mindfulness and gratitude. It is a holistic response.”

Dr Olivia on menopausal conversations: “I know that we are trying to talk about menopause more often and make it more mainstream. But it is still a little bit taboo and it shouldn’t be as so many symptoms can be found in the vagina.”

Dr Olivia on dealing with menopause symptoms like hair loss: “Hair loss is one of the symptoms of menopause. One of the things we can do is PRP. That is where you take some of your own blood and spin it down in a centrifuge. And then the plasma, the part of the blood that has all the growth factors in, can be injected into the areas of the scalp that are experiencing hair loss or thinning.”

Dr Olivia on dealing with menopause symptoms like thread veins: “One of the lasers I use is called SheLase. It is an internal and external vagina laser. The internal probe is painless and is a real alternative to surgery. It stimulates new collagen production and thus improves vaginal elasticity. It can also be used externally on the labia skin to improve the quality of that as well.”

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